About Me

I work on Web Development and write Python code mostly. My interests spread on Open Source, Linux Distros, Command Line and a lot more. BTW, I use Arch (sarcastic meaning).

Things I would keep on preaching and practicing :

  • Be kind
  • Reading
  • Exercising
  • Minimalism
  • Exploring the world

Tools I found useful and elegant :

As for dreams, freelance developer sounds pretty cool.

About the Site

As mentioned in homepage, I’ve tried various platforms, while ending up with Hugo.

Several reasons to get back on a static page generator:

  1. No more import&export via miscellaneous formats.
  2. With Picgo I can easily manage image uploading.
  3. I got to use local editors such as Vim and Typora.
  4. Shortcodes enforcement to plain Markdown.
  5. Multi Comment systems integration.

Hugo files of this site is maintained here, and by GitHub Actions an update workflow will be triggered upon new commits for auto-deployment.